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Raising your Power Level is about earning Skill Points, then - the more you earn the more you can assign, and the higher your Power Level will. Skill points are mainly gained by leveling Eivor up. When you get enough XP and gain a new level, you always get 2 skill points. You can spend it on any skill. Skill points can also be earned through Mysteries around the world (blue dots). Some mysteries, like World Events which replaced side quests, grant a. You can see Eivor's Power level at the bottom center of the Skills menu. As you make your way into each of the constellations, you'll see one. Skill points can also be earned from Mysteries out in the world (the blue dots). Some Mysteries, like the World Events that replaced side quests. Assassin's Creed Valhalla players measure their character strength in power rather than levels, but there's a limit to what Eivor can do. Levelling up isn't the only way to unlock those lovely skill points that will slowly but surely increase your power level. Certain world events. This one felt counterintuitive to me at first, but following the main story can still be one. Instead, Eivor's quality is rated with a power level that you can see every time you go into your skills menu. Fill up the blue XP meter in the. As soon as you get them you can head into the big skill tree in your menu to use them. Assassin's Creed Valhalla XP. The skill tree. Once in the.

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